Suicide Increases in Individuals Age 35-64 in the Last Decade.

Posted on May 30, 2013

A recent article in Morbity and Mortatlity Weekly Review indicates that more baby boomers are now dying from suicide than accidents.Our Omaha disability benefits lawyers disuss the finding of this research that show an unexpected increase in suicides among baby boomers during the period from 1999-2010.  Researchers speculate that the increase may be due to the economic downturn during the recent recession and the increases in intentional opoid prescription overdoses.The article underscores the need for preventative care for this age group.

According to the Surgeon General strategies to reduce suicide include:

  • Enhancing social support
  • Access to mental health services
  • Reduction of the stigma of asking for help

For middle-aged adults other important issues to overcome are problems such as:

  • Economic challenges including  job loss
  • Intimate partner problems or violence,
  • Substance abuse, including perscription pain medications
  • Declining health or chronic health problems.

This article concludes the need for suicide prevention strategies that address mental health issues and the stresses and challenges that middle-aged adults are likely to face is a serious mental health issue.

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Timothy J. Cuddigan
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