Iowa Congressman Wants Explanation for SSN Security Breach by the IRS

Posted on Aug 05, 2013

During its audit of the Internal Revenue Service, independent transparency group Public.Resources.Org discovered the Social Security numbers of as many as 100,000 citizens posted on governmental websites, reasonably accessible to the public. Days later, a letter written by Iowa Congressman Tom Latham is asking some hard questions about this staggering data-breach.

The numbers were part of a database associated with Section 527 non-profit political organizations. Groups like these occasionally need to file tax forms, which are added to a database that is supposed to be secure. When Public.Resources.Org informed the IRS of the data-breach, the numbers were removed from view within 24 hours. Congressman Latham feels the effort was too little and too late.

“Agencies like the IRS handle highly sensitive, personal data of every taxpaying American, and to be so loose with that information is just about inexplicable. Still, I join with millions of Iowans and Americans requesting an explanation for this latest violation of the public’s confidence.”

Congressman Latham drafted a letter to acting IRS Commissioner, Daniel Werfel, asking several important questions, such as who is responsible for the 527 database and what the IRS intends to do for victims of the data breach.

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