If you’ve been through the process of applying for disability benefits, you know how confusing and exhausting it can be. At Cuddigan Law, we work to ease that burden and get you the benefits you deserve. If we’ve helped you, we hope you’ll consider referring your family and friends who may be struggling with a disability to Cuddigan Law for a FREE case evaluation!

Omaha Disability Lawyers Handling Social Security & Veterans Benefits Claims

Let Sean and Tim Cuddigan Handle Social Security Disability & Veteran’s Benefits Claims for Your Friends & Family

At Cuddigan Law, we focus exclusively on Social Security disability and VA disability benefit cases. We’ve helped thousands of people throughout western Iowa and Nebraska with their Social Security disability claims. We serve Social Security disability clients in the western Iowa cities of Sioux City, Council Bluffs, Atlanta, Creston, Shenandoah, and all of the neighboring communities. We proudly represent Veterans throughout the United States who were injured as a result of their service in the military. We stand by our clients from the initial application all the way to federal court—or we can jump in if a disability applicant tried to go it alone and now feels they finally need some legal assistance.

Experienced Social Security & VA Disability Representation

If you know someone who is living with a physical or mental disability, they may be struggling just to get through life on a day-to-day basis. The idea of handling a disability application may feel overwhelming to them. While some people do try to handle Social Security disability or VA disability benefits applications or appeals on their own, the process can be confusing, and mistakes or omissions can delay the claim—or even get it denied altogether. You can help by referring them to Cuddigan Law. Hiring an attorney lifts the lion’s share of the burden from their shoulders and greatly increases their chances of an approved disability claim. And if they are facing a disability benefits denial, experienced representation is crucial!

They Might Ask You, "How Can a Disability Attorney Help My Case?"

When you refer a friend or family member to us, they may ask if they really need an attorney to help them obtain Social Security disability or Veteran’s disability compensation benefits. But as you know, applying for disability benefits isn't as easy as filling out a few forms and then receiving your first check. When it comes to the eligibility and application process, disability for Veterans is quite different from Social Security disability. The two programs have one thing in common, though, they can be complex and confusing. Because of that, an overwhelming number of initial applications are denied. The tremendous backlog of VA benefits applications has made national headlines lately, and two out of three first-time Social Security disability claims are denied. We understand how these programs work—it’s what we do every day. We can determine which disability program your friends or family members may qualify for and then fill out the application, gather supporting medical records, work with their doctors, and present the best possible case to the Social Security Administration or the VA. As father and son attorneys at Cuddigan Law, we understand the importance of family. We treat all of our clients like family, doing everything we can possibly do to make the entire disability process as painless as possible and to ultimately get them the benefits they deserve—and have earned!

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