When it comes to filing a claim for Social Security disability benefits in Omaha, going it alone is not always the best course of action. Hiring an attorney with knowledge and experience dealing with Social Security claims can greatly benefit you as you seek benefits.

Unfortunately, some claimants simply do not understand why they need a lawyer throughout this process. The following are benefits of you using an attorney as you pursue your case:

  • Your chances of winning your Omaha Social Security disability case are significantly increased.
  • A Social Security disability attorney understands how to present the facts surrounding your claim in the light that is most favorable to your case.
  • Your attorney can help you fill out your initial application. Things like stating the date of the onset of your disability, defining your condition so that it meets one of the listed impairments in Social Security’s blue book, and helping you state the facts surrounding your claim in a persuasive manner.
  • Your attorney can help you collect and present the right medical evidence for your claim.
  • Your attorney can help you to get ready for the Administrative Law Judge’s questioning at your hearing.
  • Your attorney can help show that you are unable to work by cross-examining the Vocational Expert or the Medical Expert.
  • In the case of an appeal, your attorney can help prove that Social Security wrongly denied your case.

While these are excellent examples as to why an attorney can help you pursue a Social Security claim, there are still more. In most cases, the sooner you call your lawyer, the better. To learn more about how we have helped others with Omaha Social Security disability claims like yours, view the testimonials of our clients.

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