New Year The clock is running down on 2023 and 2024 is almost upon us. Take this fun quiz to see how much you know about the history, traditions, and celebrations that surround the beginning of a new year? (And save this quiz for your New Year’s Eve celebration.)

1. What was the most popular New Year's resolution in 2023?

A. Eat healthier          

B. Exercise more       

C. Quit smoking

2. When did the New Year's Eve Ball first drop in Times Square?

A. 1907

B. 1937

C. 1958


3. The Dutch believe eating what on New Year's Day will bring good luck?

A. Grapes

B. Donuts

C. Tulip Bulbs


4. When was the first Tournament of Roses parade?

A. 1940

B. 1910

C. 1890


5. What is the translation of the title of the song “Auld Lang Syne”?

A. Leave the past behind

B. For old time’s sake

C. Times gone by


6. About how many glasses of champagne are served in the United States each New Year’s Eve?        

A.  360 million

B.  220 million

C.  150 million


7. What percentage of Americans will make a New Year’s resolution?

A. 20%

B. 36%

C. 45%


8. Which country in the Central Pacific is the first location to ring in the new year each year?

A. Kiribati

B. Vanuatu

C. New Zealand


9. Where did the New Year’s fireworks tradition begin?

A. China

B. United States

C. Great Britain


10. Eggs given or eaten on New Year's Day are said to symbolize what?

A. Love

B. Prosperity

C. Good Luck


Scroll down for the correct answers.













1. A, 2. A, 3. B, 4. C, 5. C, 6. A, 7. C, 8 A, 9. A, 10. B

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