What are the benefits of RAMP?

When President Trump signed the Appeals Modernization Act of 2017, a new initiative was launched by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). To expedite the resolution of claims that were in the appeals process, the Rapid Appeals Modernization Program, or RAMP, was created to provide a more expedient resolution to these appeals and address the enormous backlog of claims.

consultationThe legacy process for appeals splits jurisdiction between two agencies: The Board of Veterans’ Appeals (BVA) and the Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA). Not only does this complicated process require many additional steps, it’s often confusing. The wait time for decisions is long—sometimes up to seven years. 

If you want to expedite your appeals claim, it’s important to understand if the benefits of the RAMP outweigh the disadvantages.

An experienced VA disability attorney can help you understand the changes in the appeals process.

What Are the Benefits of RAMP?

There are varying opinions about whether RAMP is an initiative worth pursuing. Some people feel there are still too many unknowns about the program, while other think the process may not actually be faster. However, the VA promotes RAMP as way for veterans to:

  • Enter a more efficient and effective review process for their appeals
  • Receive the earliest possible resolution of their disagreements with the VA’s decision about their claims
  • Have the option to use multiple review options: Supplemental Claim, Higher-Level Review, or appeal to the BVA after 2019
  • Receive the same potential effective date for benefits no matter which review option they choose 
  • Get a fresh, expedient evaluation of a previous VA decision by a skilled claims reviewer

If You Need Help With Your VA Disability Appeal

Cuddigan Law has filed many appeals for veterans trying to get their benefits claims approved, and we work hard for veterans injured and disabled during their military service. If you need help with a claims application or your appeal, call Cuddigan Law. We’ll work to help ensure your best possible chance for getting an approved claim, whether you’ve submitted it for the first time or are waiting on an appeal.


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