You were crushed when your disability benefits were denied by the VA. You knew that appealing the decision would be a tough process, but you simply had no choice—and now you’re wondering if you will be able to prove your case to the Board of Veterans Appeals.

The first thing you should know about appealing your case is that you will have to prove that your decision was unfair based on an error or misinformation. Your benefit decision will include a summary stating the reasons you do not qualify for benefits and you must provide clear proof why the reason does not apply in your case. Not only can your attorney can help gather additional evidence, but he can help you in three important ways.

First, veterans who are represented by an attorney before the BVA are more likely to receive an approval on their appeal than those who decline representation or have help from a claims representative.

Second, a qualified disability attorney will not only fight for your VA benefits, he can also help collect increased benefits on your behalf.

And third, he can help with further appeals. After your hearing, the Board will make one of three decisions: it can approve your benefits, uphold its denial, or send your case back to your local VA office in order to collect any additional information necessary for a final decision. If your benefits are denied by the board, you may want to appeal again, either by going back to the BVA or filing an appeal at the higher Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims. In both cases, you will need a disability attorney on your side to present your case and provide strong evidence to get your claim approved.

At Cuddigan Law, we pride ourselves on providing valuable legal services to the servicemen and women of our nation. That is why we do not charge any upfront fees in VA disability cases, making it easier for veterans to get the help they need with no financial risk. We only get paid if we win your case. Call us today to find out how the certified VA attorneys at Cuddigan Law can fight for your rights.

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