Many veterans of the Vietnam War returned home and developed medical conditions believed to be caused by exposure to Agent Orange. This tactical herbicide was sprayed on Vietnam’s trees, crops, vegetation, and plants to destroy the thick foliage used by the Vietnamese and Viet Cong for cover.  

However, it’s possible exposure occurred in places other than Vietnam and through means other than administering the toxin. Thus, it’s important to know locations where Agent Orange was stored and tested to prove your exposure and strengthen your disability benefits claim.

Agent Orange Exposure in the U.S.

storage of agent orange outside VietnamVeterans need to know that they didn't have to work overseas or be stationed in Vietnam to be exposed to Agent Orange and a variety of other toxic herbicides. Even if a veteran wasn't deployed overseas, exposure was possible by working at specific military installations and forts where the chemical was housed and tested.

The U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) has a list of various testing and storage locations for Agent Orange and other chemicals outside Vietnam and in the U.S. Additionally, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) website provides information about these locations.

Here are a few resources for veterans who may believe they were exposed to Agent Orange but weren't in Vietnam:

Veterans exposed to Agent Orange in the U.S. are eligible to obtain compensation for a medical condition, illness, or disease that developed by working at a military installation or location in the U.S. where the herbicide was tested and stored. What’s important is for their doctors to connect their current condition to their service at one of these locations.

Once exposure to Agent Orange is proven, the VA presumes a service connection if their medical conditions are cited on the VA list for illnesses associated with Agent Orange exposure. Veterans need to be sure their doctors explain the link between their disability and exposure to toxic herbicides. 

Cuddigan Law Firm Can Help

If you’re a veteran and believe your medical condition is associated with exposure to Agent Orange but you didn't serve in Vietnam, contact Cuddigan Law. Having legal representation and an advocate on your side provides invaluable assistance with your disability claim.

Our attorneys know the medical conditions linked to Agent Orange exposure and can help prove that you served in a location that likely exposed you. Call Cuddigan Law (402) 933-5405 to speak with an intake specialist for free. 


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