Heavy alcohol use is firmly rooted in military culture. In many environments, personnel on active duty use alcohol for recreation, to relieve stress, and as a way to socialize and connect with others. However, despite the policies and programs in place to moderate alcohol consumption in the military, alcoholism remains a continuing problem for veterans and service members.

Signs a Veteran May Be Abusing Alcohol

Signs of veteran or military personnel alcohol abuse It’s not easy for service members to return stateside after being deployed and resume a normal life. Many veterans develop post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which can lead to alcohol abuse and alcoholism, also diagnosed as alcohol use disorder (AUD). Family members may have concerns about a veteran’s reliance on alcohol but not be sure if there’s a serious problem.

Here are signs that a veteran or active military member may have AUD:

  • Appears that drinking, being sick, and/or hangovers interfere with a person's job, taking care of family, or other responsibilities
  • Cares more about drinking than spending time pursuing activities they once enjoyed
  • Exhibits withdrawal symptoms when trying to cut back or quit drinking such as anxiety, nausea, sweating, insomnia, and shaking
  • Puts themselves in dangerous situations while drinking
  • Attempts to stop drinking or cut back but is unsuccessful
  • Appears paranoid, fearful, and/or nervous
  • Acts in a secretive way
  • Continues to drink even after harming relationships
  • Exhibits a change in sleeping and eating habits
  • Has unexpected mood changes, erratic behavior, and/or angry outbursts
  • Lacks motivation or enthusiasm but can appear unusually happy and energetic at times
  • Stops taking care of appearance and hygiene
  • Shows a significant decrease or increase in weight
  • Smells of alcohol on a regular basis
  • Slurs speech and appears to have poor motor coordination
  • Lacks an ability to maintain responsibilities at work, at home, or with friends and family

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