Your days of service have been over for years, but recently you’ve begun to relive them. You’re not sleeping well, daydreaming during work—and constantly thinking about the danger you were in all those years ago. Is it possible you’re suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder—and could you be eligible for benefits ?

Qualifying for VA Disability Benefits for Symptoms of PTSD

Unlike most emotional disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can cause symptoms long after a person has experienced a harrowing event. In order for former service members to get the help they need for the condition, additional regulations were passed in 2010 that made it easier for veterans with PTSD to get approved for VA disability benefits.

In order to qualify for VA disability, a veteran must show proof of:

  • PTSD diagnosis. Veterans are required to be evaluated by a psychiatrist at a VA medical facility and be given a  PTSD diagnosis.
  • Trauma. PTSD is an anxiety disorder based on a traumatic event. While veterans no longer have to provide evidence that they suffered a single traumatic event, they must describe any known instances and experiences that are related to their PTSD symptoms.
  • Response to trauma. The VA psychiatrist or psychologist must confirm that the trauma a veteran has experienced is a likely cause of the PTSD.
  • Relation to service. The veteran must prove that his or her PTSD trauma was caused during military service, and developed as a result of fear of hostile activity. 

After you have qualified for benefits, the VA will assign you a disability rating depending on how much your symptoms affect your ability to work and live. You should work with your doctor in order to communicate the severity of your PTSD symptoms to the VA, including the effects, frequency, and duration of your attacks. The higher your percentage of disability, the greater your compensation will be.

We Can Help You Settle Your PTSD Disability Claim

If you need help filing an application or pursuing an appeal for your VA disability claim, we can help. Contact our disability attorneys at (402) 933 5405 or [email protected] today or leave us a comment below to tell us the problems you have been having with your PTSD claim.


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