As you are preparing to apply for Social Security disability you’ll need to make sure you’re gathering medical evidence that is appropriate and supportive of your claim.

The medical evidence necessary for your claim will generally come from the doctor or doctors who have treated you for the issues described on your claim. For example, if you were exclusively filing a claim for severe hearing loss, it wouldn't be appropriate to provide documentation from a psychologist helping you treat an unrelated anxiety disorder.

The exact nature of the medical evidence you’ll need depends on the nature of your claim; if you have any questions, consider consulting with a disability lawyer before you file. To get you started, we’ve provided three sample lists for different types of disability claims.

Evidence for Physical Disability

  • Full medication list, including dosages and reported side effects.
  • CT scan, MRI, X-ray imaging showing the affected region.
  • Clinical interpretations of imaging.
  • Attempts made at surgical intervention.
  • Comprehensive physical therapy plan.
  • Details about your response to physical therapy.
  • Statements from treating physicians about your ability to work.

Evidence for Mental Illness

  • Full medication list, including dosages and reported side effects.
  • A doctor’s statement assessing your compliance with prescribed medications.
  • A formal psychiatric diagnosis using the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM).

Evidence for a Combined Claim

  • Full medication list, including dosages and reported side effects.
  • Formal psychiatric diagnosis using the DSM.
  • Statement from your medical doctor describing your physical condition.
  • Statement from your psychiatrist describing your mental condition.

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