The Social Security Administration lists several mental disorders that may qualify an individual to receive Social Security disability benefits. The qualifying decision is based on the severity of the impairment and the applicant’s ability to perform substantial gainful activity (SGA).

Individuals with a wide range of mental illnesses or conditions are eligible for benefits under Social Security rules. We can help you determine whether your illness so limits your ability to work that you qualify for benefits 

Qualifying Mental Disorders

The Social Security Blue Book uses 11 categories to list qualifying mental disorders:

  • neurocognitive disorders (12.02)
  • schizophrenia spectrum and other psychotic disorders (12.03)
  • depressive, bipolar and related disorders (12.04)
  • intellectual disorder (12.05)
  • anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorders (12.06)
  • somatic symptom and related disorders (12.07)
  • personality and impulse-control disorders (12.08)
  • autism spectrum disorder (12.10)
  • neurodevelopmental disorders (12.11)
  • eating disorders (12.13)
  • trauma- and stressor-related disorders (12.15)

Do You Qualify? Our Omaha-based Disability Attorneys Will Review Your Claim For Free

If you suffer from a mental disorder that keeps you from working, contact us for a free claim evaluation by calling (402) 933-5405. Attorney Tim Cuddigan, a past president of the National Organization of Social Security Claimants' Representatives (NOSSCR) and past president of National Alliance on Mental Illness-Nebraska (NAMI) has presented on the topic of bipolar disorder as a qualifying mental disorder and is available to answer your questions on any mental disorders that may qualify you to receive disability benefits payments. We serve Southwest Iowa and all of Nebraska and have offices in Omaha and Lincoln, Nebraska.

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