Were you injured while working and are now depending on Social Security benefits in order to make ends meet? As you prepare to file your application, understand that many requests are denied due to technical failures. These denials have nothing to do with your medical condition or its supporting evidence. In fact, before even getting to your medical condition, the judge will first want to ensure that you have met all of the technical requirements for a claim.

When beginning the process of preparing a claim for Social Security benefits, consider the following:

  • Have you earned too much money to qualify for either SSDI or SSI? Applicants whose earnings are above the “substantial gainful activity” limit will be issued a technical denial.
  • Have you paid enough into the Social Security system through deductions to your payroll? In order to be eligible for benefits, you must have worked long enough to have paid a sufficient amount into the system. How many years this entails depends on your age.
  • Have you recently held a job where you were paying into the Social Security system? Generally speaking, you must have been gainfully employed for at least five of the prior ten years.
  • Do you own too many assets in order to qualify for SSI? Since SSI is a need-based program, owning too many assets can disqualify you.

If your initial Council Bluffs Social Security disability claim was issued a technical denial, do not lose hope. Some, but not all, technical denials may be appealed. Examples of denials that can be appealed include an error in calculating your assets or income, or if the denial was caused by a paperwork error. It is vital that you act quickly however. Social Security denials must be appealed within 60 days.

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