Why does it take so long to have a Sarpy County disability claim denial appeal hearing scheduled?

Once you or your attorney file an appeal against a claim denial, the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR) collects all the paperwork related to your case—also known as your claim file—so they can get it ready for your hearing.

Every single piece of paper associated with your claim is in the file. It can contain hundreds of pages worth of records, evaluations, forms, and transcripts.

Often, the file arrives in no real semblance of order, with duplicates and outdated information. Administrators sort through the file, put them in a logical order, then index them in a reference document for easier reference. The reference document is known as an exhibit list. The list serves two important functions:

  • It makes it easier to find important documents during the appeal process.
  • It helps you identify omitted, erroneous, out-of-date or other problematic information in your file—so you can fix the problem before your hearing takes place.

Check out the SSA example at their website.

After the exhibit list is finished, you and your attorney will be sent copies of your file and the exhibit list for review.

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