You’re thankful to be alive after your heart attack, and you understand that the recovery might take some time. You were discharged from Alegent Creighton Health Heart & Vascular Institute in Omaha with instructions to “take it easy,” but you’re not sure how you’re supposed to relax if you’re unable to provide for your family.

Getting Social Security Disability Benefits After a Heart Attack

While it is possible to get Social Security benefits after a heart attack, the process it slightly more complicated than it is for other injuries. For example, the Social Security Administration (SSA) will usually ask that you wait three months before it makes a ruling on your claim. This is because the agency wants to wait until your injury has reached a point of medical stability before deciding how much you are limited by your condition.

The SSA may delay its decision on your heart attack disability claim if you:

  • Have recently suffered an acute cardiac event, such as heart attack or stroke
  • Have recently undergone a corrective cardiac procedure, such as coronary bypass surgery
  • Have just begun a new course of drug therapy, such as beta-blockers, and it is too early to gauge how well you are responding

What Can I Do While I’m Waiting for Benefits?

You should keep sending information to the SSA after your application has been submitted. This may include a detailed medical history, latest physical exam reports, lab tests, new prescriptions, and any relevant information that could support your case. The SSA may wait up to three months before making a decision, but can make a ruling in your case whenever it has enough evidence to make its determination, so it is a good idea to notify them of a change in your condition as soon as possible. Medical science has improved the care and treatment of individuals with stoke and heart conditions and many individuals are able to return to work.  It is more difficult to get benefits for heart conditions that it was in the past.

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