When heart disease or a heart attack leaves you unable to work, you may qualify for Social Security disability benefits (SSDI).  The SSDI program that is funded through payroll taxes. When you worked, a certain amount of your paycheck was taken out as FICA Social Security taxes. These funds are available when a disability leaves you unable to stay at your job for a period of one year or longer.

Heart disease can make your body too weakened to work.  Yet, many people who are unable to hold a job because of heart disease are denied their SSDI benefits.

Here are three tips from our Omaha disability lawyers:

  1. Check your medical records. Make sure your doctor has written down your diagnosis and all your symptoms. Make sure there are notations about hospitalizations and that there is an outline of your treatment plan.
  2. Don’t downplay your symptoms. When you see your doctor, be honest. Let her know that you are having trouble with fatigue,shortness of breath or chest pain if these are your symptoms and that it is a struggle to maintain your normal routine if that is your situation. If you are not "fine," don't say your "fine." Tell your doctor about all your symptoms, even if they seem insignificant, and tell her how they affect your ability to work and take care of your home and yourself.
  3. Keep a notebook . Sometimes when you have a heart condition your appointments are scheduled far apart. It is helpful to record the changes in your symptoms and any episodes. When you have that record you are able to provided more details to your doctor.
  4. Consider your past work carefully. When you apply for SSDI for heart disease, you will have to list each job that you have worked in the past fifteen years and the reasons why you cannot do that job. Don’t downplay the physical aspects of any prior job, even if it was a sit-down job.


There are more tips in our free brochure, Give Yourself the Best Chance of Winning Your Social Security Disability Case. Click on the link in the sidebar to request your copy.

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