In order for a Social Security disability applicant to get the benefits he seeks, the applicant must comply with Social Security Administration's (SSA) rules. If an applicant fails to provide the necessary information for a determination to be made, then he will not get Social Security benefits regardless of his eligibility and regardless of the strain it puts on his ability to pay the mortgage or rent on an Omaha home.

Could the Rules for Applying for Social Security Disability Change?

As long as the SSA goes through the required steps to change a rule, the rules can be changed. Earlier this year the SSA proposed a rule that was published in the Federal Register. If the rule is approved then Social Security disability applicants will need to provide: “all evidence known to you that relates to whether or not you are blind or disabled. This would include evidence that may be either favorable or unfavorable to your claim.”

In other words, Social Security disability applicants would need to provide all relevant medical information to the agency, even if that medical information suggests that they can work.

Protect Yourself with a Omaha Disability Attorney

Applying for Social Security disability benefits can be complex—and that complexity is intensified when the rules change. At the same time, the SSA has the right to deny an application if it is not complete or if there are any errors.

Accordingly, it is important to consult with a local Omaha lawyer who is committed to helping people with disabilities get the benefits they deserve.

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