As part of the process for obtaining Social Security disability benefits in Lincoln, you must demonstrate that you are no longer capable of performing your job. Disability benefits are only available if you are able to prove that your physical impairment, illness, injury, or condition prevents you from doing this job. In order to make this determination, the Social Security Administration reviews various information relating to your education, training, age, and prior work experience. Certain factors, however, will not be a consideration during the disability claim process.

Factors Not Considered During Disability Claim Process

  • Whether or not you would actually be hired to do the work. For example, if you have poor interviewing skills unrelated to your disability, this would not factor into the determination of whether or not you qualify as “disabled.”

  • Whether or not there is an actual job opening for this particular work. Current market conditions in your field will not have an impact on the determination of disability.

  • Whether you would have to move in order to obtain a job doing this work. The Social Security Administration does not assess whether you would have to change locations to find an open position when deciding whether you are capable of performing your prior job.

  • Whether you have an interest in continuing to do this work. If you no longer desire to work in the same field as you did prior to your illness or injury, this is not a factor that will be considered when assessing your ability to perform that job.

  • Whether you have maintained any required certifications or licenses that would allow you to do this work. The fact that you may have let your license or certification expire will not be included in the determination of whether or not you are capable of performing your previous job.

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