As part of the determination process for SSDI benefits, Social Security will review your work history to see if you are able to perform:

In this article, Omaha SSDI lawyer will take a look at how the SSA decides if you are able to perform a different type of work.

What factors does the SSA take into account?

There are three major issues Social Security will examine as they try to determine if there is another type of job you may be able to adjust to performing. These are:

Past Work Experience

  • What jobs have you performed in the last 15 years at or near full time long enough to be properly trained in all the functions of the job?
  • What specialized knowledge and training have you obtained from past employment?
  • Are there lighter-duty jobs in your field to which you would be able to adjust?
  • What kinds of transferable skills have previous jobs given you?
  • Are there jobs in any field, anywhere in the U.S., to which you would be able to adjust?


  • How many years of school have you completed?
  • What kind of specialized training do you have?
  • Are you proficient in the English language?
  • Are you able to read?


  • Are you 55 years of age or older?

The disability examiner or administrative law judge determining your case will often work with vocational analysts and experts to determine the answers to these questions. After closely examining your case history, the agency will decide:

  • There is other work you are able to perform, so you are not found to be disabled and denied disability benefits, or
  • There is not other work you will be able to adjust to or perform, so you are found to be disabled and approved for disability benefits.

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