When making a determination as to disability benefits in Bellevue, the Social Security Administration looks to determine how your disability impacts your ability to work. The claim examiner working on your application will carefully review your medical records, including notes made by your doctors. The examiner will then make a determination as to how much work you are capable of doing. Specifically, the examiner will evaluate the following:

  • How much you are able to lift, both on a frequent basis and on an occasional basis.
  • How well you can reach overhead.
  • How well you can grasp objects.
  • How well you can see and hear.
  • How long you can sit.
  • How well you can reach forward.
  • How long you can stand.
  • How well you can squat, bend, or stoop.
  • How well you can perform dexterous finger movements.

If your claim progresses to a disability hearing, an administrative law judge will be assessing the same criteria. It is important that you communicate effectively with your doctor and ensure that she is keeping good notes in your medical charts. If information is sparse, the examiner may make a determination that you do not have any functional limitations.

Working with an experienced legal professional can  increase the likelihood that your claim is approved after your initial application. It can also greatly improve your chances if your initial claim was denied and you are now pursuing benefits through an appeal. To learn more about the process of applying for benefits, contact an experienced Bellevue Social Security disability lawyer today at 402-933-5405.

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