va hiring PACT ActThe Veterans Affairs Department is on hiring binge. The VA wants to bring on board more than 2,000 new employees as it implements the recently passed PACT Act legislation. The PACT Act dramatically expands VA health care and benefits for veterans exposed to burn pits, Agent Orange, and other toxic substances. The VA estimates that the PACT Act extended benefits to an estimated 5 million veterans. Already more than 150,000 veterans have filed claims under the provisions of the Act so hiring is currently underway to add more claims processors.

Charles Tapp, the Veterans Benefits Administration’s chief financial officer, told reporters “There’s millions of eligible veterans who are going to come in and file claims, which we highly encourage. We want to make sure that we have the right number of people and the trained staff that we need to process those claims. The worst thing we want to do is have this certainly once-in-a-generation-level legislation come forward and become law, and then not be able to process them timely,”

If you served during the Gulf War, post 9/11 or Vietnam War eras and are dealing with a serious health issue which you believe was caused by exposure to toxic materials, you will want to get your free copy of our book Expanding Your VA Benefits: The Veteran’s Complete Guidebook for the PACT Act. You can download this free comprehensive guide to your rights and benefits under the PACT Act from our website 


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