In general, the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) won’t provide disability benefits to veterans who try to service-connect their alcoholism. Because a veteran may abuse alcohol for any number of reasons, including as a way to de-stress, as a way to be social, and out of habit, an attempt to connect alcoholism to time spent in the military is usually unsuccessful.

When the VA Will Pay Disability Benefits

File a VA Disability Claim for AlcoholismIf, however, your alcoholism is secondary to a service-connected condition, you might be eligible for benefits.

For example, if you suffered a serious physical injury during active duty that caused you pain, a change in your normal routine, or an inability to work, you might develop depression and drink excessively to relieve the pain and help dull the reality of the changes and adjustments you’ve made in your life.

If you develop a dependence on alcohol, or alcohol use disorder (AUD) due to a physical condition that occurred during service, you may be able to service-connect your substance abuse.  

Filing Your VA Disability Claim for Alcoholism

If you want to service-connect AUD, you must prove that it’s secondary to some other medical condition that took place in the military.

Because the process for obtaining benefits for alcoholism can be difficult, it’s beneficial to provide an independent medical assessment. If a doctor offers a medical opinion that shows a link between your alcohol abuse and events that took place while you were on active duty, the VA is more likely to agree that your alcoholism is service-connected.

Contact Cuddigan Law for Help Filing a VA Disability Claim for Alcoholism

Submitting a successful VA disability claim for alcoholism isn’t an easy process. But at Cuddigan Law, we understand that veterans who suffer painful physical injuries during service can face many types of other medical conditions, including alcohol use disorder. Our attorneys have supported veterans for years, and we can help you if you need VA disability benefits for alcoholism. To maximize your chances of success, contact our office online or call us at (402) 933-5405 today, and you’ll speak to an intake specialist for free.


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