You were happy to learn that hiring a VA disability attorney would not cost you any money up front. However, you are wary of signing any paperwork that says a lawyer can take a portion of your winnings. How can you be expected to sign a legal document when the attorney knows more about what’s fair than you do?

How Can I Be Sure That I’m Not Paying Too Much in VA Disability Attorney Fees?

Omaha VA disability attorney feesMany veterans are wary of entering into any agreement with an VA disability attorney because they are afraid that a disreputable lawyer will charge more money than they can afford to lose. In order to lessen the risk to disabled service members, the Office of the General Counsel offers a number of ways to protect veterans from unfair costs in a fee agreement, including:

  • Fee review. Any claimant can file a motion for review of a fee agreement at the Office of the General Counsel. The motion for review must be done in writing, must include the name of the veteran (or claimant, if not the veteran), the claimant’s VA file number, and must have a copy sent to the attorney. The attorney will then have to send a copy of the fee agreement (with supporting evidence for costs) to with the Office of the General Counsel within 30 days.
  • Recommendations. If the fee is considered reasonable, the Office of the General Counsel will approve the fee. If there is clear evidence that the fee charged by a disability attorney is unreasonable, the Office of the General Counsel can order a reduction in the fee.
  • Attorney consequences. If a VA disability attorney does not modify fees or comply with the General Counsel's refund requirements, the General Counsel may begin proceedings to terminate the agent's accreditation to practice before the VA.

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The Omaha VA disability attorneys at Cuddigan Law know how difficult and frustrating the VA disability process can be. That is why we always explain our fees up front, answer all of your questions before taking your case, and advance all court costs until after benefits have been won. Contact our firm online or call us today to get started, or learn more about filing for benefits in our free book, The Essential Guide to VA Disability Claims.


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