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If there is a single word at the very center of VA Case Manager Michael Mosites’ life—a word that is his internal compass—that word is “leadership”. Mike knows what it takes to lead. He served in the U.S. Army for 30 years, retiring with the rank of Command Sergeant Major.  “My role,” he says, “was the Senior Enlisted Advisor to the Commander, so I reviewed every award and evaluation for all the soldiers in my squadron. This also included working closely with the VA to help process injured soldiers to complete their disability claim prior to leaving the military.” That leadership experience serves him well in his work with Sean Cuddigan to process the VA disability claims that come into the law firm, as well as screen the packets of all VA clients to make sure nothing is missed and no deadline is overlooked.

From the instant that they meet Mike, Cuddigan Law’s clients are quickly put at ease with his empathic and caring nature. Mike points out that “they are veterans just like me. It is a privilege to serve them as I walked the same ground they did and I understand them. I feel you have to be a good listener to be a good leader. Nothing gets solved if you never listen.” He encourages the vets he serves to speak openly and candidly about their individual situations and what they are going through. Mike says always in the back of his mind is a quote from General Colin Powell: “The day the soldiers stop bringing you their problems is the day you stopped leading them. They have either lost confidence that you can help them or concluded that you do not care. Either case is a failure of leadership.”

Born and raised in Omaha, Mike and his wife Nancy love Nebraska that’s why they chose to return here after he retired from the Army. “We raised two wonderful children—both grown and moving on with their own lives. Our daughter is still serving in the Army and my son lives here in Omaha.” In his free time, Mike loves remodeling so he spends a lot of time working on his house, but also squeezes in some time for hiking and exploring the outdoors.

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