When the U.S. military engaged in Operation Ranch Hand during the Vietnam War, soldiers sprayed tactical defoliants on Vietnam’s trees, dense vegetation, and plants that provided cover for the Viet Cong. Nearly 20 million gallons of toxic herbicides were used, including Agent Orange—a highly toxic chemical known to cause cancer.

agent orange in thailandC-123 planes assisted with Operation Ranch Hand and often departed from and landed on bases in Thailand during missions. The soldiers who worked on these aircraft and near chemical storage areas in Thailand had increased risks of exposure to Agent Orange, because the barrels containing the chemical and the equipment used to spray it often leaked.

In 2010, the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) recognized that many veterans stationed in Thailand suffered from medical conditions related to their exposure to Agent Orange and deserved presumptive service connection.

Improve Your Chances of Receiving Disability Benefits

If you’re a veteran who served perimeter duty on a U.S. Army installation in Thailand or served

on RTAF bases in Thailand, you may be eligible for disability benefits if you have a medical condition linked to Agent Orange exposure.

You can improve your chances of receiving an approved claim by including the following with your application:

  • Your military occupational specialty (MOS) code description of your position during service. Many MOS position descriptions cite a major duty of “patrolling the perimeter” or similar language, which will help show this as one of your primary tasks in Thailand.
  • Direct statements from a performance review that commended your efforts patrolling or guarding the perimeter or your work helping with base security.
  • Images and maps of the base where you served in Thailand. Show where you worked, slept, and ate with regard to the perimeter and how close you were to the locations where Agent Orange was sprayed.

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