When you apply for disability benefits Social Security requires that you complete several forms. One of these is called the Adult Function Report which provides Social Security with information about your daily activities and how your condition affects them. This is a critically important form that Social Security uses in determining whether or not you are able to work. Very often disability applicants find this form overwhelming and struggle to complete it.

Tips On Filing The Adult Function Report

The form will ask you do describe your daily activities.. Provide detail. And be completely honest. Report all your limitations. For example, do you heavily rely on takeout food because you are too fatigued to cook your meals? Do you require assistance devices like grab bars or a shower chair? Tell Social Security how much time it takes you to complete a task and if you have to take frequent breaks due to your impairments. If you require assistance from other people to complete any task, be sure to include that information.

Many of the questions on the form do not provide enough space for complete answers. Use the Remarks section to provide more information or additional information you think Social Security needs to know about your situation. If you run out of space in the Remarks section you can attach additional pages—as many as you need.

Don’t rush through the form. Take the time to review and understand each question. Many people find certain questions confusing, but answering them incorrectly can result in a denial of benefits. This is why it is okay to get help. Don’t feel like you have to do this on your own. Oftentimes an outside perspective can be helpful. For example, family and friends who see how your impairments affect your daily life may be able to offer some insight. Trained and experienced social security attorneys can also take some of this burden off your shoulders.

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