We've Helped Thousands Of People. Here's What a Few Have Said About Working With Us

If our credentials and years of experience practicing Social Security Disability law haven't convinced you to call us, we hope the words of our past clients will.

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  • Thank you for dedication and hard work

    Mr Cuddigan and staff   I'd like to thank everyone for all your dedication and hard work. Getting all my paperwork filled out and sent to the correct place helped me in so many ways. Your team really shows they care about each individual.

  • Wonderful people. Great bunch of workers. Appreciate the help!

    To all who assisted me at Cuddigan law firm: Thinking of you and giving thanks for the wonderful person you are. Thank you so much for all the time and talent of your services, and assisting me with questions concerning the work bonus and my disability insurance. You are a great bunch of workers and I very much appreciate you all for all your help!   Sincerely, Anonymous

  • Satisfied client felt Tim Cuddigan and staff took away stress of case, changed her family's life and made her feel like the most important client

    Dear Tim,                Words cannot express how much appreciation I have for you and your staff. Thank you for fighting for me and taking the stress and complication of it all upon yourselves so I could focus on my health. Your staff put me at ease whenever I had a concern or question. They were very patient with me. You always made me feel like I was your most important client, you were concerned and kind. You changed my family’s life and helped us to move forward. Thank you again                                 

    Rachel H
  • You took a great weight off our shoulders

    Dear Tim and Staff,                Deb and I wish to express our gratitude for the work you did on my case. The favorable decision took a great weight off our shoulders (especially given we needed a roof so much we used our back benefits). I will not hesitate to refer your firm.                                           

    Chris R
  • I really appreciate your kindness, patience and efforts. . .

                   Thank you for all you have done to be accepted by the SSD. I really appreciated your kindness, patience, time spent listening to me, efforts and many more. I will highly recommend Cuddigan Law firm to anyone seeking SSD. You have made my life a lot more loveable. Special thanks to Tim Cuddigan, Kendra Allison and Deborah Brauch.                

    La Wanna Randle
  • Tim, you did an amazing job in that court room!

    Mr. Cuddigan and Staff, Thank you so much for helping win my appeal. I am so thankful because I know, without everything you and your staff did, I wouldn’t have won. Thank you for your time and consideration that you all put in on my case. Warm and special thanks to you and your staff for all the considerate things you did! Tim, you did an amazing job in that court room! I will definitely refer friends and acquaintances your way!  

    Colleen L
  • Client is grateful for all Sean has done

    Thank you Sean, I am grateful to you for all you have done. I got my back pay check and I am expecting my first monthly check at the end of May. I will be taking a vacation  Regards, Carla

    Carla McCoy
  • Omaha attorney with 35 plus years experience commends the talented lawyers and professionals at Cuddigan Law without reservation

    To clients and prospective clients of Cuddigan Law, I have been practicing law in Omaha, Nebraska for over 35 years. I can commend the talented lawyers and professionals at Cuddigan Law without reservation in all matters dealing with Social Security benefits. I view them as the best legal resource to those individuals who are in need of legal advice to ensure their rights are protected and they obtain the benefits to which they are entitled. I refer all my clients and loved ones to them when they need advice in this specialized practice area. I would be happy to share with anyone my personal experiences that substantiates my recommendation.

    John Passarelli, Omaha Attorney
  • Fired from job due to health issues. Disability applicant receives benefits within 2 months of filing.

    In October 2013 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. In July 2014 I was fired from my job due to my health issues. I am 60 years old and have worked my entire lifetime, sometimes 2 jobs! I was in a panic. I was advised to call your office to apply for disability social security! The staff is more than helpful and the best thing is that I met with Phil who informed me it could take 1 1/2 yrs to be aprroved. In October 2014, I recieved word that I had been approved!! 2 months and I was stress free!! I just can't thank Erin and Phil enough for all they did for me and how grateful I am to your staff!! I am single and was in a panic as to how I would pay my doctor bills for my Breast cancer!! Thank you so much!!! What a great bunch of people really caring and willing to go the extra mile to help me!! You have changed my life and I'm very grateful for that! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!   

    Roxanne Fanders
  • Thank you for your efforts. I will recommend you

    Thank you so much for your efforts on my behalf. If I know or hear of anyone else that would benefit from your services I will recommend they talk to you first.

    Patricia Ferrell