How Do I Qualify for VA Disability Benefits?

If you were injured or became disabled during your military service, you may be eligible for a variety of benefits form the VA.

There is a wide range of factors that influence your eligibility for VA benefits. Our disability attorneys work to prove that your disability is directly connected to your service time and that the level of your disability is acknowledged accurately by the VA.

If I'm a Veteran, am I Also Eligible for Social Security Benefits?

Yes! If you're a disabled veteran receiving benefits from the VA, you can still qualify for Social Security disability benefits. There are many physical disabilities as well as mental conditions that may qualify for your SSDI benefits in addition to the benefits you receive from the VA.

The Benefits of Hiring Cuddigan Law for Your Disability Claims

  • Dedication. From application to appeals, we give your case our full attention.
  • Comprehensive Experience. We've won cases for thousands of Nebraskans and Iowans for both Social Security and VA benefits claims.
  • Compassion. You're more than just a case number to us. We're proud to serve our nation's veterans and to help them with all possible disability benefits programs.

Let Us Help With Your Claim For Benefits, Request a Case Evaluation Today

The process of getting disability benefits can be difficult, most people who apply are denied. Those who use an attorney are 3x more likely to receive benefits. Start your path toward the benefits you've earned today. Complete the form on this page to request a free, no-obligation case evaluation.

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