Posted on Jun 12, 2013

A study, recently reported in the Miami Hearld, outlines the relationship between sleep apnea and cognitive impairment and dementia. This study originally reported, in the Journal of the American Medical Association indicated, that women with sleep apnea were two times as likely to develop cognitive impairment Sleep apnea is more common among men.The decline in oxygen in the blood contributes to cognitive decline and dementia. Restorative deep sleep is necessary for memory functions, to prevent depression and headaches the study's author reports. A sleep study is helpful for screening this disease. A CPAP  breathing machine will aid in breathing during sleep and  prevent sleep interruptions called apneic epsiodes.

Sleep apnea is a listed impairment 3.10 for Social Security purposes. For more information see sleep apnea and disability or contact us at (402) 933-5405or email [email protected].

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