If you weren’t sick—and if you hadn’t been hurt in a Bellevue car accident—then life might have gone on as it had in the past, and Social Security disability benefits may have been the furthest thing from your mind.

However, that isn’t what happened. You have suffered a traumatic brain injury and you can’t work. What’s going to happen now?

You May Qualify For Social Security Disability After a Brain Injury Accident

Social Security disability may be an option if you’ve suffered a traumatic brain injury in a Bellevue accident. However, before you can collect Social Security disability you should know…

…how the Social Security Administration classifies brain injuries

The Social Security Administration classifies brain injuries under the term cerebral trauma. Cerebral trauma is found in section 11.18 of the SSA’s listings of impairments, which describes the medical conditions that may qualify an individual for Social Security disability. In order for a brain injury victim to qualify, he or she must qualify under one of the following sections:

11.02: Epilepsy: Convulsive

11.03: Epilepsy: Non-convulsive

11.04: Central Nervous System Vascular Accident

12.02: Neurocognitive Disorders

…whether you are eligible for Social Security disability benefits

In addition to qualifying medically under the criteria listed above, you must also generally qualify for Social Security disability by having paid into the system for a certain number of years and by meeting other eligibility requirements.

…how to apply

It is important to file a complete application so that your benefits are not delayed or denied.

Find Out More About Your Rights

Social Security disability benefits can be confusing, but you do not need to apply on your own. You are allowed to choose someone who can act as your representative in applying for the benefits you deserve. Getting a dedicated and knowledgeable lawyer can be essential for brain injury victims seeking disability benefits.

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