Posted on Mar 08, 2014

Brain injuries can happen to anyone and at any time. This month, the Brain Injury Association of Nebraska and other Brain Injury Associations around the nation will promote Brain Injury Awareness Month. The Brain Injury Association seeks to educate people in Omaha and across the state about the dangers of brain injuries and to remind everyone that brain injury victims deserve early and equal access to care.

Brain Injury in Nebraska

In 2010, a survey was done that highlighted Nebraska brain injury victims’ need for support and services. According to that survey:

  • At least one person dies, three people are hospitalized, and 24 people seek emergency room services for a brain injury in Nebraska every day.
  • More than 36,500 people in Nebraska have a disability caused by a traumatic brain injury.
  • Over the last five years, there has been an increase in deaths, hospitalizations, and emergency room visits related to traumatic brain injuries in Nebraska.
  • Physical health, emotional well-being, and financial income may all be impacted by a brain injury.
  • Brain injuries can range from mild, temporary problems to significant, permanent problems that result in a life-long disability.

Social Security Disability for Some Brain Injury Victims

A traumatic brain injury is a neurological condition recognized by the Social Security Administration as a possible reason for Social Security disability. However, an individual with a traumatic brain injury still needs to establish that he or she qualifies for Social Security disability and must fill out an application completely and accurately in order to receive benefits.

If you or a loved one has suffered a traumatic brain injury, then we encourage you to read the FREE resources about Social Security disability eligibility on our website to learn more about your rights.

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