As part of the process of applying for Social Security disability benefits in Fremont, you must demonstrate that you are unable to perform any work that you performed in the last 15 years. The analysis does not stop there, however. The Social Security Administration will also consider whether or not you are capable of performing a different type of work. Multiple factors will be considered in order to make this determination. These factors include the following:

Your Education

The Social Security Administration will consider how many years of school you have completed, along with whether or not you have completed any type of special job training. This may include trade or vocational school. Regardless of your level of formal education, the Administration will look at evidence that suggests your actual educational level of knowledge is higher or lower than the last “grade” you finished. In addition, the Administration will consider whether you have recently completed education or training for a specific skill, and if you are physically and mentally capable of performing it.

Your Age

Your age is a factor that is considered by the Social Security Administration, in conjunction with your residual functional capacity, education, and work experience. As you get older, age is considered an increasingly limiting factor with regard to your ability to make a change to a new job. This typically begins to take place at age 45 and older.

Your Work Experience

The Social Security Administration will consider whether you have the ability, based upon your past work experience, to adjust to other work not impacted by your disability. For example, if your previous job involved heavy lifting, and your disability no longer allows you engaged in such an activity, you may still have the capacity to perform a job that utilizes the knowledge gained from your prior job but without requiring the same strenuous physical activity.

Your Residual Funcitional Capacity

Finally, the Examiner or Adminstrative Law Judge will evaluate whether the physical and mental limitiations you have, when combined with the other factors mentioned above allow you to perform any work.

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