Every disability benefits claim in Omaha is different. You should always keep in mind that working with legal representation won’t guarantee approval.

However, results don’t lie. If you are considering appealing a claim denial, you need to know that working with an attorney significantly improves your odds of obtaining approval at a much early point in the process.

How working with an attorney can help your SSI or SSDI claim appeal hearing:

  • By closely evaluating your medical records, working with you to fill in sketchy or out of date information and getting key data to the Administrative Law Judge or Social Security in time for your hearing.
  • By working with your treating physician to get important documentation for your case in the most effective form possible.
  • By preparing you for the hearing. Without the guidance of an attorney, you are more likely to omit important information or phrase things in a potentially sabotaging way.
  • By knowing the most effective questions to ask at the hearing. Besides you, the ALJ will speak with medical and vocational experts at the hearing
  • By having prior experience with the Administrative Law Judges in your area. An experienced Sarpy County disability attorney will have usually worked with the judge assigned to your case before, and will have sense of their style.

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