While brain injuries are unique injuries that affect victims in different ways, you and the other Sarpy County brain injury victims you know may all be totally disabled. You may all qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits. Yet, you may all collect different amounts from the Social Security Administration.

This Is To Be Expected

The Social Security Administration does not pay an equal amount to everyone who is permanently disabled by a traumatic brain injury. The amount that is paid is not based on your individual needs, your expenses, where you live, or how your accident happened.

Instead, there are two primary factors that influence the amount that you may be able to receive in Social Security disability benefits. Those two factors are:

  • Age.
  • Your average earnings during your working years.

Assuming that you qualify for Social Security disability benefits after your Sarpy County traumatic brain injury, your individualized benefits will depend on the application that you file and the accompanying documentation.

You Don’t Have to Do This Alone

While the amount may vary among brain injury victims, the amount that you can recover is just as important to you as it is to others who have been disabled. Accordingly, it is important to know more about your rights and to take the necessary steps to protect your fair recovery of benefits.

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