My adult son has an IQ test score of 76 and was denied Social Security benefits for intellectual disorder. He has never been able to hold a job. Is he eligible for benefits?

Yes. Though your son’s IQ score disqualifies him from Social Security for intellectual disorder, he may be able eligible for benefits due to the hardship created by a combination of issues. These would include lower than average intelligence, also known as borderline intellectual functioning, and other physical or mental health problems.

Even in situations when no one of these mental functional capacity limitations constitutes a disability according to Social Security’s standards, it is possible demonstrate that together, finding and keeping a job is an extraordinary hardship for the applicant.

Before you submit an application for your son, you’ll want to do the following:

  • Gather any special education records.
  • Diagnostic and treatment information regarding his anxiety and behavior issues.
  • Collect statements from people who’ve instructed, trained, or worked with your son.
  • Gather job and education-related reviews and assessments, highlighting any documentation of disciplinary action or reason for discharge from former employers.
  • Start working with a Lincoln disability attorney while you are still preparing the initial application for your son.

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