There are so many individuals who qualify for disability without meeting the standard set by Social Security’s stringent impairment standards. Analysts, examiners, and judges determining your case are trained to keep an eye out for situations where it is highly likely that an individual will not be able to adjust to a different type of job.

A good Omaha disability attorney will typically ask you if you have any problems like this over the course of an initial evaluation, but just to get the ball rolling, let’s review a few possible issues that could come up:

  • You are 55 years of age or older.
  • You can’t speak English.
  • You can’t read or you have extremely low reading comprehension.
  • You don’t have any recent job training or skills that could be transferred to a lighter-duty job.
  • You didn’t graduate high school.

Keep in mind that your chances of approval increase when you have more than one issue on this list. Unfortunately, as with everything in SSD, there are no “home run” problems in this category that will always get your claim approved.

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