In the years since soldiers have been returning home from the Iraq wars, more and more disability claims have been filed—many of which are still waiting for official decisions. Although the influx of new injured veterans are a contributing factor in the backlog of cases, there are many reasons for the continued rise in VA disability claims, including:

  • First-time claims. Advances in modern medicine have allowed many soldiers to survive injuries sustained during wartime. While soldiers are more likely to live through a battlefield injury, they may have lost an arm or a leg in the process, returning home with an injury that prevents them from working and taking care of themselves.
  • Backlogged cases. The number of disability cases waiting for a ruling at the VA is currently in the hundreds of thousands. Even if veterans are able to weather the lengthy and frustrating application process, they may have to wait over a year to receive an initial decision, or to be denied rightful benefits and forced to appeal. 
  • Reopened cases. As years pass, the VA acknowledges past health issues that could be linked to past military service. While this gives many veterans a new basis to reopen a denied claim, the re-evaluation process adds thousands more applications into an already overburdened system.

 Can Your VA Disability Claim Be Expedited?

Many soldiers are unable to live without their VA benefits, and cannot afford to wait years for a decision. In some cases, these veterans will qualify for presumptive disability, allowing them to collect payments much earlier than other applicants. Find out if we could help you appeal your denial in our FREE book, The Essential Guide to VA Disability Claims, or call Cuddigan Law today at 402-933-5405 to speak with a VA disability attorney.


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