First, you didn’t mention if you agree that you were overpaid or not. If you don’t think there was an overage, or you think the figure they give is inaccurate, you may want to address the matter with a Lincoln disability benefits attorney. It is possible to file an appeal explaining that you disagree with the notice.

Because Social Security is a federal agency, they have several methods of collecting the overage from you, even though you are no longer receiving disability benefits. These include:

  • Garnishing your wages
  • Taking your federal tax refund
  • Taking future benefits if you start receiving SSDI again
  • Reporting you to the credit bureau

However, even if you’re pretty sure the overage is correct, you have options. For example:

  • You can apply for a debt forgiveness waiver.
  • You can work out a repayment plan with Social Security.

Either way, remember that you are working within a limited time frame and start the process today.

If you’re still wrangling with the disability claims process, consider calling a Lincoln disability attorney. Because there is no back pay these cases are only handled on an hourly basis. Contact Cuddigan Law at 402-933-5405 or [email protected] to learn more. Also, order a copy of our complimentary report, Give Yourself the Best Chance of Winning Your Social Security Disability Case.

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