According to Social Security Administration (SSA) estimates, it can take up to 18- 22 months for a claim to be heard in Omaha, from the hearing request date to the actual date of the hearing. However, that does not mean that you should simply wait for the hearing to be scheduled—you should constantly follow up on the status of your case in order to keep the process moving.

Here are a few people you can contact to get an update on your disability hearing court date:

  • Social Security. If you have filed a second appeal and requested a hearing in front of an administrative law judge, it is a good idea to call your local Social Security office regularly to check on the status of your hearing date.
  • The hearing office. If your case has already moved from the SSA to the hearing level, you should call the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR). This office is responsible for scheduling hearings, and it functions independently from the SSA.
  • An attorney. One of the advantages of having an attorney on your side is that he can track down your claim on your behalf. Your legal representative can also regularly check the status of your case to make sure it is progressing through the system as quickly as possible.

Is There a Way to Speed Up the Waiting Process for a Hearing?

There are a few different ways to expedite the hearing process, but each will depend on your specific circumstances. You will either have to show "dire need" or critical case status. These conditions are hard to meet. Some people are able to get their Social Security disability hearings scheduled faster, but you will have to make a formal request to be considered. Are you looking for an experienced legal team to take over your disability case? For a free evaluation of your case email us today at [email protected], or fill out the quick contact form on this page to get started or just call our office at (402) 933-5405.


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