The vast majority of the Social Security disability claims process means waiting. Waiting for the disability examiner to gather all the records they need to decide your claim, waiting for the examiner to make their determination, waiting for a hearing to be scheduled, waiting for a hearing to take place.

Unfortunately, after your Sarpy County SSDI appeal hearing takes place, you’ll be left waiting again.

An appeal hearing is essentially part of the Administrative Law Judge’s information gathering process. The hearing presents an opportunity for the judge to discuss your case with you or your representative as well as experts who can offer informed opinions about your case history. Once the hearing is complete, the judge will take your claim under consideration.

There is no standard period of time for when an ALJ will return a decision on your claim.

Usually, you won’t learn the administrative law judge’s determination on your case the same day as the hearing. In fact, you may not receive a decision for months. If you call the hearing office, you may be able to obtain the location’s current estimate for claims determinations.

Wait times like this are one of the many reasons individuals with disabilities should start the claims process as soon as they know they will need the financial support of Social Security disability benefits.

Though there aren’t any ways to “speed up” the claims process, working with a professional and dedicated Sarpy County disability lawyer will not only improve your chances of an approved claim much sooner in the process, it may also protect you against unnecessary delays.

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