It is bad enough to receive a denial of your Social Security disability benefits, but it is even worse if the denial is based on a mistake you made before you sent in the application. The Social Security Administration (SSA) scrutinizes your applications and health history very carefully, so you should take care to do everything properly on your end to avoid benefit denials or delays.

Some of the most common Social Security disability mistakes include:

  • Continuing to work. If you are working when you apply for disability, SSA may assume that you are able to earn a living and deny your benefits as a result.
  • Not Completing  SSA Forms. If SSA sends you a form to complete, you should return within the time requested. Otherwise they may deny your claim for lack of complete information.
  • Failing to follow up. Applicants should check the status of their claims at regular intervals to make sure their applications are moving through the system without problems.
  • Missing your deadlines. There are time limits on many applications for disability, including sending documents, appealing a decision, and requesting a hearing.
  • Not following your treatment plan. It is important that you see your doctor regularly for your medical problems, take medications that have been prescribed by your doctor, and voice any concerns you may have about your treatment to your medical providers. Failure to keep appointments or follow your treatment can lead the SSA to believe that you are not doing all you can to improve your condition.

We Can Examine Your Disability Application for Errors

If you are not sure that your Social Security application was properly completed or are having trouble completing all the forms, our disability lawyers can look over your documents for potential errors, as well as check your eligibility for other forms of disability such as Veterans benefits. Email us today at [email protected] or fill out the quick contact form on this page to get started.


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