Yes, you can receive Social Security disability benefits if you meet specific criteria for skin cancer. Your condition must meet a certain severity level as specified by the Social Security Administration (SSA). If you have certain types of skin cancer, you can qualify for benefits if the cancer has spread to area lymph nodes or beyond.

However, if you don’t meet this criteria, the SSA will also look at your “residual functional capacity” (RFC) to assess your employability.

How Does Residual Functional Capacity Affect Disability Benefits?

The SSA uses your RFC to determine if you’re still capable of working. While considering the limitations of your condition, the SSA will look Doctor Holding a Skin Cancer Chalkboard Signat the severity of your impairment and your ability to be employed. It’s possible for there to be serious medical issues related to skin cancer and treatments when the cancer hasn’t spread or returned. Some patients may have limited walking or standing ability due to an amputation after skin cancer.   

Any limitation will be considered by the SSA when deciding if you’re able to return to work. The SSA will consider your education, age, and experience when determining if you’re able to perform in any work. If it’s decided that there is no job you can do, you will likely be awarded benefits.  

Here is some important information about RFC, what’s needed when filing a disability claim, and how the SSA makes its determination:

  • Medical documentation with detailed information about the cancer is required by the SSA.
  • Medical records need to include specific details about the results of surgery and the pathology report. It may also be necessary for these records to include information about the progression or recurrence of your cancer.
  • Medical records need to provide the type and severity of your cancer along with the type of treatment and your response to it in order for the SSA to evaluate your case. A decision may be postponed until the SSA can assess how effective therapy might be.
  • Information about the negative effects of therapy may be requested by the SSA.
If you are disabled because of skin cancer, you may be eligible for social security benefits. Call us today at 402-933-5405 to discuss your case. Working with an experienced social security disability attorney can help to ensure you receive the best chance of a successful claim.


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