There are many different ways to prove to the Social Security Administration (SSA) that you are disabled based on the severity of your skin disorder. Most of these involve clinical reports and medical records, but knowing which to include is just as important as collecting the evidence.

Gathering the Right Documentation Is Key

Documentation you will need to get disability for a skin disorder includes:

  • Past medical records. The SSA will need as much information as possible about the diagnosis, duration, manifestation, and prognosis of your skin disorder. This includes the location, size, and appearance of lesions, seasonal variation, stress factors, and your residual functional capacity (RFC). To confirm the diagnosis, the SSA requires laboratory tests (such as cultures or biopsies) from the Nebraska Medical Center or any other hospitals you have visited.
  • Current treatment. The SSA will evaluate how well you are responding to your current treatment methods by examining your most recent laboratory findings as well as reports of your current symptoms. You should fully outline the details of the treatment you have been prescribed (type, dosage, method) as well as the frequency of administration and how long the treatment will continue. Photographs of affected areas may be helpful.
  • Treatment side effects. Treatment is not always completely beneficial to a patient. If your treatment causes adverse effects, these effects will be considered as part of your disability. Also, the positive effects of your treatment may be temporary or may reach a “leveling off” point to where they will no longer steadily improve your condition. In most cases, you must follow a prescribed treatment plan for at least three months before the SSA can make a ruling on your impairment.

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