A Disability Benefits Questionnaire or DBQ is a form the VA uses as part of their evaluation process for VA disability benefits. If you need assistance filing this form, our VA disability lawyers are here and ready to help.

How Does a VA Disability Benefits Questionnaire Help Veterans?

Using a VA Disability Benefits Questionnaire allows veterans to visit a primary care provider for their medical evaluation as an alternative to a Compensation and Pension Exam at a VA clinic or facility.

VA Disability Benefits QuestionnaireSometimes, if the veteran submits this information early in the claims process they can completely avoid a C& P examination. Because the form uses standardized language and check boxes to help provide critical information, an accurate disability rating can be made quicker and more easily. 

The VA says the DBQ speeds up the disability claims process.  While there is no statistical evidence to back up this up, we have had vets tell us that they have been satisfied with the processing time when they have used the DBQ.

Need Help With Your DBQ? Contact Our VA Disability Lawyers in Omaha and Lincoln, NE, Today!

If you or your loved one needs assistance filing their VA disability benefits questionnaire, our firm has years of experience helping veterans obtain benefits. Contact our VA disability lawyers today to schedule a consultation today!

P.S. Need help determining what disability rating you may receive? Try using our FREE VA disability calculator and see where you stand.

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