After applying for disability benefits at a Social Security office in Council Bluffs and receiving a technical denial, you are likely wondering what your next steps should be. In most cases of a denial, the next step in the process should be to pursue an appeal. A technical denial is a different story. Applications denied for technical reasons may be the only time in which filing a new disability application may be the best course of action.

Why is filing a new disability application in Council Bluffs typically a waste of time?

When you file a new application, you will have to go back to the same office where you first filed your claim. You will have to repeat all of the same steps, including the disability interview, filling out the paperwork, and providing the requested information about medical treatment history or work history. Next, your claim will be sent off for review by a disability examiner again. Typically, the end result of a denial will be the same.

Why is filing a new disability application a good course of action after a technical denial?

When your disability claim was denied because you are working and you are said to have earned too much income, filing a new application may be a viable option. Technical denials are issued based on the mere fact that the applicant was working and earning too much money to be considered. The case was stopped before the claimant’s medical condition was evaluated. No medical determination will have been performed. In these cases, the best response is to file a new application if you have either decreased your work hours or are no longer working.

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