As you enter into the Social Security disability process in Omaha, you may hear the term “on-the-record” decision. An on-the-record decision is one that is made by an Administrative Law Judge prior to your hearing. These decisions are available to anyone who is appealing their denial of disability benefits following a written application. To succeed on such a claim, you must have compelling evidence to prove your disability without needing more information.

What are the benefits of obtaining an on-the-record decision? The following is an overview:

  • A favorable on-the-record decision will allow you to avoid attending an actual hearing in front of an Administrative Law Judge.
  • On-the-record decisions can speed up your process for obtaining an approval.

Now that you understand the benefits of obtaining an on-the-record decision, you may be wondering how you go about obtaining one. The following is a helpful guideline:

  • After your request for reconsideration for Social Security disability benefits in Omaha is denied, request a hearing within the specified time period.
  • If the hearing office initiates an on-the-record review, proceed accordingly. For example, this may happen in cases where new supporting medical evidence is submitted.
  • If the hearing office does not initiate the on-the-record review, request one in order to ensure that it is performed. The request is made to the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review in Omaha. It may be made shortly after you file your request for an appeal hearing.
  • Outline why you should be deemed disabled and provide a thorough explanation of the medical evidence that supports your claim of disability.
  • Not all cases are appropriate for on the record decisions for a variety of reasons. In our experience only about 10% are appropriate for on the record requests. This does not mean that the case won't ultimately be successful.

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