As you begin the process of seeking Social Security disability insurance benefits in Lincoln, you likely expect that you will have to provide copies of your medical records. If you are suffering from a neurological condition, you are likely receiving treatment from various doctors and psychologists. It is crucial to the success of your SSDI claim that these professionals complete your medical paperwork in a manner that addresses the specific questions the Social Security Administration will be looking for.                                                                              

In order to determine the degree of impairment caused by the applicant’s neurological disorder, the Social Security Administration will pay close attention to the contents of the medical reports from your healthcare providers. To improve your chances of qualifying for SSDI in Lincoln, your medical reports should include the following information:

  • An overview of your medical history.
  • Clinical findings resulting from your mental status examinations.
  • Laboratory findings, such as those resulting from an analysis of your blood or x-rays.
  • A diagnosis of the neurological condition.
  • Treatment prescribed for the neurological condition, as well as your response and overall prognosis.
  • A statement about what skills and activities you are still capable of handling despite your neurological condition, based upon these medical findings.

The medical statement included in your records is very important to the Social Security Administration’s evaluation. It should specifically describe your ability to handle work-related activities while suffering from your neurological condition. This may include the ability to sit, stand, walk, lift, carry or handle objects. It also may include your ability to hear, speak, and travel.

In addition, if your neurological condition involves mental impairments or mental functional limitations, the statement should include more detailed findings relating to work-related activities. These details include the ability to understand, to carry out and remember instructions, and to respond in an appropriate manner to supervision. It should also address your ability to work alongside coworkers and to handle work pressure in the work setting.

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