social security disability benefits appealYou’re counting the days until your Social Security disability hearing, but you’re terrified they’re just going to deny your benefits again. How can you take steps to ensure the hearing process goes smoothly? Keep reading below to see how you can win you social security disability benefits appeal.

Appeal as quickly as possible

In order to have the best chance at winning your social security disability benefits appeal, you must ask for an appeal in a timely manner. In most cases, applicants have only 60 days after they receive an unfavorable decision to ask for an appeal. The 60 days officially begins five days after the notice is mailed.

If you do not file an appeal within 60 days, your case may be dismissed by an administrative law judge. If this happens, you may lose your right to a hearing and any other claim review. However, you may be able to appeal your claim after 60 days if you can explain the reason for the delay and request an extension from the Social Security office.

Appear at the hearing

If you are granted a hearing, you will be asked to appear in front of an administrative law judge. In most cases, these hearings are held within 75 miles of the applicant’s home. You should note that if you cannot appear at the hearing, the judge in your case will have to make a decision based solely on the evidence in your file. This will put you at a significant disadvantage.

If you  do not attend your scheduled hearing, the judge may decide to dismiss your case.You may have had to wait for several months before your hearing can be scheduled, so it is best to use this time wisely.

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