Be honest and complete in giving information to Social Security about what is disabling you. Many claimants, for instance, fail to mention their psychiatric problems to Social Security because they are embarrassed about them. In almost all cases, individuals who were slow learners in school fail to mention this fact to Social Security, even though it can have a good deal to do with whether or not the Social Security disability claim is approved. Be complete in describing your daily activities and symptoms. It is important to carefully and completely describe how you perform your past job duties. Beyond being honest and complete with Social Security, the most important thing you can do is just keep appealing and hire an experienced person to represent you. It is important to appeal because most claims are denied at the initial level, but are approved at higher levels of review. It is important to hire an experienced person to represent you because you do not understand the way Social Security works.  A government accounting office  study shows claimants who employ an attorney are three times more likely to win than those who go unrepresented.

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