Among all of the disabilities that people suffer, chronic pain can sometimes be the most difficult to address. This is because chronic pain is unseen and difficult for your doctor to diagnose. Pain is also extremely debilitating, interfering with your ability to live and work. Fortunately for sufferers of chronic pain, Social Security Disability benefits and Supplemental Security Income may be available to help offset any expenses or loss of income created by chronic pain.

As you begin the process of applying for Social Security benefits in Omaha, you will quickly discover that your medical records are a vital aspect of your application. For sufferers of chronic pain, this can be difficult because pain can be very subjective. In order to improve the accuracy of your medical records, it is important that you provide your doctor with as much information as possible. This includes discussing all of the following:

  • Pain that prevents you from sleeping.
  • Pain that requires a cushion to sit on.
  • Pain that requires a pillow placed behind your back in order to sit.
  • Pain that causes chronic daytime fatigue that makes concentrating on daily activities difficult.
  • Pain that is worse when you sit or stand.
  • Pain that is aggravated by specific activities.
  • Pain that creates a need for frequent breaks throughout the day.

Providing this information will ensure more detailed medical reports for your claim application. To learn more about applying for benefits, contact an experienced Omaha Social Security disability lawyer today at (402) 933-5405.

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